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Perennial Ryegrass 24Seven stands out in George, Western Cape Trials


24SEVEN was planted in George, Western Cape trials on 10 March 2017 and the the trial is continuing. 24SEVEN is up against various Diploids and Tetraploids, but is clearly standing out as the top performing cultivar.

24SEVEN originates in New Zealand. The production of 24SEVEN has been tested in several trials across New Zealand, in which 24SEVEN has had excellent results in field for the last three seasons.

24SEVEN has unusually strong cool-season growth for such a late heading date. 24SEVEN therefore breaks the old dilemma created from late heading ryegrass having less early-spring growth than mid-heading cultivars.

24SEVEN also produces stems and flower heads 24 days later than standard data cultivars, so it extends the period of high energy and protein pasture in late spring by almost one month. Farmers (and their animals) can now “have their cake, and eat it too”!

  • Excellent annual production

  • Good winter growth

  • Strong tolerance to insects (black beetle and ASW)

  • Extended feed quality (+24 day heading date)

  • Excellent animal performance and safety

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