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Excellent dry matter production

KORHAAN is a Triticale cultivar bred for winter grazing as well as excellent Grain production.

The production areas of KORHAAN are limited to summer rainfall areas in South Africa. KORHAAN is an intermediate Triticale variety that needs vernalization to go into reproduction. KORHAAN can also be grown on marginal soils. The grain can be used in animal rations as part supplement in place of yellow maize.

KORHAAN is a cultivar with excellent dry material production with both an early and a late plant date. KORHAAN grows well under varied conditions and compares very favourably with other commercial cultivars when animals average daily weight is measured. KORHAAN’s grain yield is comparable with other high producing varieties. It has good resistance to Stem, Leaf and Yellow Rust Bio Types. This cultivar also shows good forbearance to high levels of free aluminum in the soils. 


Early to medium season

GOANNA is an early-medium season, spring type, grain triticale, which has good resistance to current pathotypes of stem, leaf and stripe Rusts plus full resistance to Cereal Cyst Nematode (CCN). GOANNA is a fully-awned, tall, white-chaffed variety.

GOANNA was selectively bred on the basis of reliability of grain production and quality during several seasons with extended drought periods, on calcareous sand and limestone country. 


Quick growing

KM10 is a very quick growing variety and has a reduced awn head type with excellent early forage production in all rainfall zones. Although tending to have reduced grain size, KM10 is particularly suited to grain production in shorter season areas. It has good Rust resistance but is susceptible to CCN. 


Quick growing

TUCKERBOX is a late-medium season, tall, high tillering variety with reduced awn head type, which may be grown for forage or grain. TUCKERBOX has good resistance to most known rusts and CCN. 

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