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Italian Ryegrass

Caversham (Diploid)

Bred by ARC - Range and Forage Institute at Cedara Caversham provides an excellent Diploid Italian Ryegrass that is perfect for Southern African conditions.

Caversham is resistant to leaf and stem rust. It has a European pedigree but has the advantage of being bred over 10 years under local conditions.

Along with that it is quick to germinate and very palatable. Caversham has been on the market for more than 15 years, and still surprises farmers by being number one in July and August in trials throughout the country.

Caversham was last trialled by the MPO in 2006 in Boston, and Caversham came second overall! More importantly, Caversham came first in the July cut! Planting rates 25 to 35 kg/ha on clean land.

    -It has been bred under local conditions for high yields.
    -It can outlast Midmar in the summer months.
    -It has been bred for leaf and stem rust.
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