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Italian Ryegrass - Diploid vs Tetraploid


Diploid ryegrasses have two sets of chromosomes per cell, compared to a tetraploid which has four. Diploids combine yield and robustness, ensuring that even in less than ideal conditions, they will deliver for your stock. Diploid plants have more tillers per plant and due to the lower water content per cell have a higher dry matter per kg of feed and also more energy than tetraploid plants. DEPENDABLE DIPLOIDS:

  • Densely tillered

  • Competitive with weeds

  • Cope with lower fertility

  • Ideal for grass to grass situations

  • Can handle wetter environments

  • Can be set stocked or rotationally grazed



SUPREME Q is one of the new generation high quality Italian Ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum) varieties bred at Cedara by the ARC-API group and licensed to Capstone Seed for the production and marketing of the variety. SUPREME Q was released with higher dry matter and TNC (total non structural carbohydrates) content than conventional varieties. The original improved TNC variety bred by the ARC, Enhancer, was tested extensively under dairy conditions and showed an unequivocal improvement in cow milk yield both in the Eastern Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal.

  • Higher weight gains for beef and sheep

  • Average increase of 1.5 L /day/cow (Holsteins)

  • Average increase of 0.9 L /day/cow (Jerseys)

  • Higher in DM content and TNC (Sugars)



Bred by ARC - Range and Forage Institute at Cedara CAVERSHAM provides an excellent Diploid Italian Ryegrass that is perfect for local conditions. CAVERSHAM is resistant to leaf and stem rust. It has a European pedigree but has the advantage of being bred over 10 years under local conditions. In trials at Cedara, CAVERSHAM out-yield- ed Midmar by 2.97 tonnes DM/ha. Along with that it is also quick to germinate and very palatable. CAVERSHAM has been on the market for more than 15 years, and still surprises farmers by being number one in July and August in trials throughout the country.

  • It has been bred under local conditions for high yields

  • It can outlast Midmar in the summer months

  • It out yields Midmar in Spring and early summer

  • It has been bred for leaf and stem rust



SUSTAINER has exceptional, High Dry Matter Production and, under correct management, can be a biennial. Italian ryegrass is one of the fastest growing grasses available to farmers. Italian ryegrass establishes well, has early spring growth, rapid regrowth after cutting and offers good digestibility. Because Italian ryegrass thrives in all kinds of soils, it is used extensively for pasture purposes and often in mixtures with red clover. SUSTAINER is a diploid Italian variety.

  • Reproductive later than other ryegrass varieties

  • Exceptionally high dry matter production

  • Very good late spring/early summer grazing

  • Vigorous seedling

  • Rapid growth

  • Excellent palatability

  • Good response to irrigation and rainfall

  • Ideal short term pasture mix with annual clovers

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