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Nampo 2020 - Our varieties grown for you!

Our dedicated team worked day after day preparing the seed plots for our range of varieties. Prepping the soil, irrigation and disease control all in order for you, our farmers to come and enjoy our varieties first hand.

Due to the unexpected COVID-19 virus, Nampo has been postponed to August 2020. We did not want all our efforts to be in vain, so we have decided to share all we have done.

Please browse through our varieties below. We have Maize, Pasture and Forage, Sunflower, New Hybrid Sorghum and various Summer Crops and Cover Crops.

Breeding for climate change, the environment and the farmer.

CAP 9006 QPM


CAP 9006Q is a quality protein, yellow maize hybrid. It is used primarily as a silage hybrid, with deep yellow kernels. It has excellent disease tolerance to both cob rot and various leaf diseases. This variety has approximately 75 days till it is at 50% flower and approximately 130 days till maturity. The plant reaches a height of 150cm with excellent stand-ability. This will vary from area to area depending on heat units. Yields of 9mt are achievable in high potential regions.

This will be an ideal variety for poultry and pig farmers who would like to use the QPM as grain for animal feed. To read more about the advantages of QPM, click here!

This variety is also suitable for pigeon feed - speak to your rep!

CAP 9-522


CAP9-522 is a medium maturity, prolific hybrid. This hybrid has long cylindrical cobs with a semi dent grain. The hybrid has large plants. CAP9-522 can give high grain yields of up to 15mt/ ha when planted under high

population density of between 60 000 - 70 000 plants per hec are making a suitable variety in higher potential areas under irrigation. It is also suitable for low potential areas under low plant populations due to its’ prolificacy.

This hybrid has reasonably good tolerance to diseases. It responds well to fertilizer in high potential areas of the main farming regions of South Africa. CAP9-522 is also an excellent

silage variety.



CAP 4000 is a medium to full season maturity variety which enables it to maximize yield in a wide range of conditions. It has shown excellent yield potential in testing and production through-out the wor