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CAP 9299

Early season white hybrid

CAP 9299 is an early season white hybrid maize variety. Bred to evade the negative effects of drought. This variety contains good yield stability across sites with it performing well from low to high altitude environments. 

CAP 9021

All round performer

CAP 9021 is a high yielding hybrid which performs well in high potential regions. This hybrid has done well as a silage variety. It has been noted to have grain yields of over 10mt/ha as the norm 

CAP9705 NG_edited.jpg

CAP 9705 NG

Highly prolific hybrid

CAP 9705 NG  is a highly prolific hybrid with hard, white dent kernels. It has mainly flat white pips and good husk cover.

It is a medium maturing hybrid that is tolerant to most foliar diseases. It has good standability and is widely adaptable.


CAP 9-619


CAP9-619 is a high yielding, dual purpose white hybrid. This hybrid has a long pollination period increasing its ability to evade the effects of moisture stress during flowering. The plant structure and cobs are generally large.


CAP 9001

Widely adapted hybrid

CAP 9001 is widely adapted for all Southern African conditions. It is tolerant to most maize diseases in Southern and Eastern Africa.

It has a high potential of yielding over 14mt/ha in certain areas of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. It is also adapted to other areas with reasonable rainfall expectations.




Medium maturity. 125 – 130 days.
Prolificacy is 2.05 cobs per plant.
Shelling percentage of 87%
16% Tillers
Good standability
Good resistance against Diplodia cob rot

Good resistance against HT and GLS

WEMA 2.jpg

CAP 9503

Highly Adapted Hybrid

CAP9-503 has been trialed and registered in the SADAC region.


CAP 341 NG

Highly Reliable

CAP 341 NG is a highly reliable short season hybrid, having good germination and seedling emergence properties, resulting in good plant stands. Good pollen to silk synchronization results in good pollination even under drought stress conditions. 

CAP 9-569RRBT - A.jpg


Medium Growing Hybrid

Plant population of 20,000 –55,000 
Suitable for dry land and supplementary irrigation
Days to 50% flowering: 70 - 80 days
Days to physiological maturity: 117 -145 days

CAP 9-821.jpeg



Medium-late maturity. 130 – 135 days.
Very prolific
Good standibility
Good tolerance agains Diplodia
Good tolerance against HT, GLS and Rust

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